All of the stories below are by Ellison Wonderland.

Any and all feedback should be sent to him directly.

OaT (and other) Limericks

The Colonnade Room Series

A  OaT/TS crossover. 

Mac, Vic, Jim and Blair in assorted combinations, rated NC-17.

Summary:  Vic has moved to Cascade to live with Jim.  Mac follows.

Note: This series is related to, but in no way replicates, It Would Be Life.  

Consider it a slightly alternate universe.



Crime and Punishment   


Vic/Mac, Mac/Other, rated NC-17.

This series is an AU version of the final four episodes of OaT. 

Mac reinvents himself in the wake of his near death experiences,

and discovers Victor (among other things) along the way.


The Best Presents Are Homemade


A little X-Mas fic, Vic/Mac, rated R


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